Friday, September 21, 2012

Musings & New Beginnings

September 21, summer officially ends. So now what? 
Time to look back at the times well spent, enjoyed, and truly missed.

Here's a look at what I've done this summer:

Went to a lecture where the guest speaker was Blake Mycoskie, the founder of TOMS shoes. This was the highlight of my entire summer. Listening to his words was such a blessing and a learning experience. I was honored to hear his story and the story of those he inspired. His company succeeds because of his trademarked One for One movement, not just because of uber comfy shoes.

Got a road bike! I'm still attempting to ride the streets. It's pretty scary driving downtown Atlanta, let alone trying to ride a bike through the muck of it.
The view at the top of Stone Mountain. I have the annual pass here, so I strive to go hiking at least twice a month. The 1.3 mile hike up & down the mountain really works your bum!

A pole found halfway up the mountain covered in years and years of gum. Just lovely.
This summer I had the opportunity to intern at an organic farm. I wrote about my experience here. Killed two birds with one stone---credit hours && free organic veggies/fruits. SCORE!

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