Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Artsy Men

First post! An ode to men focusing on displaying different works of art. I've been fascinated at how many unique artists out there are using different media nowadays. Some of these guys I researched their work online and others were shared to me by friends, so enjoy!

First up: Liu Bolin. Liu camouflages his body into the background. Most of his work is done in China where he sheds light on the problems existing in society. Preparing himself by painting to blend in the background takes several hours. Sheesh, lets Check it out!

Next on the list
Dustin Farrell. This man is one of my favorites! My brother introduced me to his work a while back. He's absolutely skilled, talented, pure genius. He produces timelapse photography of the natural outdoors--the night sky, rocky terrain, valleys, beaches, etc. His work really catches my interest because if you watch his cinematography here, y'all know what I'm talking about. The quality of the pictures are impressive & viewing it makes you feel like you're actually there, enjoying the beauty and essence of nature-- of the shooting stars and the glaring sun. The best part of the shots are watching the colors fade and change as the day draws to an end.

&& continuing with: Guy Laramee. So, his name is guy? Some of the best people share the same name such as Guy Fieri, host of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives (awesome show, just sayin) and Guy Ritchie, who directed Sherlock Holmes (haven't seen it? well, you absolutely should). Now, what he does with books is unique. He basically sculpts landscapes inside books. Now, I live by a philosophy where any sort of damage (folding book cover underneath as you read the right page of a book & highlighting) to a book is called ABUSE. But I'll let this guy slide...he can get away with it because he creates something so mesmerizing to look at. I never knew books could look so cool :) They're not just used to read anymore, kids. Check it out

& last of all: Jonathan Brilliant. He was a guest speaker at my friend's university & amazed by what she saw, she spread the word. He's a master at intertwining coffee stir sticks. He weaves the sticks using tension. NO GLUE AT ALL. What he creates are these gigantic twisted wall-encroached sculptures. Think of a wasp nest. He not only uses coffee stir sticks but anything coffee related like the lids, the cups, and the sleeves. Jonathan notes on how coffee has integrated itself into people's daily lives. It's become sort of an obsession-- you wake up and the first thing y
ou do is get a cup of coffee; if not a home, then at the oh-so-beloved Starbucks. Anyways, enjoy.

(images via here & there & thurr)