Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear Photograph

Some of you might have heard of this neat website. People from all over find photos from their past and go to that exact location of where the photo was taken, line up the photo in the background, & they take a snapshot. Easy as pumpkin pie. It's like turning back time and looking at history once again. Neat eh? Every now and then I check out Dear Photograph and read stranger's stories who have the heart to share to the world of the times lost, spent worthwhile, forgotten, and dearly missed. I've noticed that it's especially popular during the holidays. Many send in photos from Christmas, Easter, and even photos regarding 9/11. So reading some of these can make you pretty emotional~

Now for the longest time ever I told myself I was going to do one and send it in, so I finally have(except for the sending in part)! I sifted through my mom's collection of our old photographs and saw that for the most part, I couldn't exactly recall where we took the snapshot. However, I did find a couple where they were taken at my previous home. Thus, with my camera & my photos in hand, I drove to the house I had lived in for 11 years.
& much to my dismay..... somebody was living there. I just felt so silly. I mean, duhhhh. I should have realized that there was a high possibility someone would have moved in! Since, I highly doubt the homeowners would let me (a total stranger) inside, I had opted for one photo where it was taken outside. It's a photo of me, my brother, and my mom. 

It was very difficult to take this due to my lack of camera skills. Also, because my dad took the original photograph at a weird angle. Now let me tell you about Asian parents--they are not quite up-to-date on technology and they do not know how to work a lot of devices containing English lettering. I think what my dad was thinking was "As long I can see them in through the camelahh, I can take pickchah." (I know that's pretty awful, but I love my dad for being so funny!)

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